About Bunny Palm

Our Mission
Thank you for making Bunny Palm part of your motherhood journey. We founded Bunny Palm because we wanted to create an inspiring place to make your experience with a newborn smoother and brighter. To show our appreciation, exclusive deals, giveaways, and new offers are heading your way. As a bonus, you will receive regular useful tips for real moms and our products reviews to help raise your baby easily.
Our Goals
Welcome to the BunnyPalm Club. We founded BunnyPalm to provide meaningful and inspiring experiences focused on strengthening the mother-baby bond.  Our community comprises like-minded moms in their first year of parenting. Our goal is to connect parents and share tips on how to raise their little ones more smoothly.
Our BunnyPalm blog is a supportive resource meant to empower moms from conception to reception of their babies.
We are here to help you raise smart kids.