Five of the Greatest Tips from Real Moms

Being a new mom can be challenging and overwhelming. From struggles to adjust to a new schedule, sleep deprivation and urgent demands of your little one. But you can have it easier. Here are a few tips from real moms to help you in the first few weeks.

Silence is not always golden for your baby

Your house doesn’t need to be in total silence when the baby is sleeping. Your newborn just came from a noisy womb environment and he already got used to it. Make it a routine to turn on the TV, use the dishwasher, talk on phone or even vacuum the house while he is sleeping. Soon, he will get used to all this noise. The good news for mommy is that: you can finally get things done without worrying of waking him up.

Diaper changes can be messier

If you are a mother to a baby boy, diaper changes can possibly turn nastier. Always place a clean cloth on his penis to prevent an accidental spray on you. Also, don’t change your baby’s diaper a minute after you smell his poop. In most cases, your baby hasn’t finished pooping. To avoid wasting another diaper, wait a few minutes before changing.

Breastfeeding challenges do not make you less of a mom

Breastfeeding is not always natural to every woman. You might have less milk and in some cases, your baby might totally refuse to breastfeed. Despite the troubles you have, remember that you are still a wonderful mom. Seek lactation help from a consultant and things might just work out fine.

Always trust your instincts

No one is a parenting expert. Your grandmother might have raised many children, but some of her advice might still feel odd to you. Keep in mind that you are the only one who knows what’s best for your child.  Always listen to your guts and if they tell you something is wrong, it’s just fine to skip it.

Do what works for you

You don’t have to follow every advice you get online or from fellow mothers. What works for them might be reverse for you. For instance, lactation experts recommend having the entire areola in your baby’s mouth for perfect latching. But he! This is not always possible. If you have found a perfect position that works for both you and the baby, well, go for it.

Prepare family meals ahead of time

Caring for your baby can rob you plenty of time. If you have no one to help around the house, try to maximize on the little free time you get. Prepare enough food for several days and freeze it. This way, you’ll get enough time to rest and sleep when your baby sleeps.